Hotel Photography Las Vegas

Although I haven’t been hired for too many hotel photography jobs in Las Vegas, I have extensive experience shooting Las Vegas real estate photography.

The premise is the same: You want to choose the best possible features that the hotel offers, and capture it at exactly the right angle to show it in its best light.  I will typically use HDR photography as rooms create dark shadows that need to be compensated for.  I may also use flash backlighting if it makes sense.

Hotel photo editing requires extensive airbrushing and color-correcting to achieve a high quality result.  I will often spend twice as much time editing, color-correcting, and airbrushing than I would with a normal shoot.  Hotels are also eligible for a Las Vegas Google virtual tour, so please ask me about this if you are interested.  I will give a discount for bundling the jobs if we can get them shot on the same day.

If you need hotel photography Las Vegas services, please contact me.

I can schedule your shoots at a time that makes sense for you, and I do fast turnaround on photo delivery (as little as 2 days, if airbrushing is needed).  I’m also amazingly affordable.  Please see my rates.


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