Las Vegas Real Estate Virtual Tours

Real Estate VIDEO Virtual Tours

Professional Equipment

Real estate videos are shot with professional equipment to include:

  • 18 ft. crane (cinematic shots)
  • 8 ft. crane
  • Steadicams (flying effect)
  • Sliders (smooth sliding effect)
  • Manfrotto Tripods & Fluid Heads (smooth panning)
  • DSLR Cameras w/ Professional lenses

Custom Budget & Direction

Let us know your budget, and we will build a shoot/production process to meet it.  Additionally, we listen to your preferences for shooting & direction and incorporate it into the job.  We also let you choose the royalty-free soundtrack ( to accompany your video.

Hours & Pricing

Videography typically takes 2 – 4 hours, and the rate is an all-inclusive $50/hr.  Transportation (w/in Las Vegas), equipment usage fee, and insurance fee are included in rate, so you don’t pay anything extra.

Production/Editing typically takes from 10 – 20 hrs and the rate is $25/hr.  Production/editing includes the following steps:

  • Clip selection & cutting
  • Timeline placement of clips
  • Color-correction
  • Video stabilization & pixel/grain removal
  • Graphics/text overlays
  • Music selection & syncing
  • Voice-over (upon request)

Included Benefits

  • Premium Royalty-free soundtracks ($99 value)
  • Premium HD hosting on Vimeo Plus ($60 value)
  • Embed Vimeo HD videos on your website & Facebook page
  • Digital Delivery of Video file

Real Estate PHOTO Virtual Tours

Information coming soon.

360° PANORAMIC Virtual Tours

Information coming soon.


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