Google Virtual Tour Pricing

Flat Rate Starting at $250

There is a one-time fee for building your Google Virtual Tour, starting at $250 for a basic tour.

*Rate follows Google’s recommended guidelines, and we offer several discounts (ask about them).

Flexible Pricing

Beyond the basic tour, you can build your Virtual Tour to fit your budget.  Pricing depends upon the size of the Tour, so you can decide how big (or small) you would like your Tour to be.

No Recurring Charges

There are no recurring charges, and Google hosts your tour for the life of your business for free.

What’s Included

The one-time fee is all-inclusive, and includes the following:

  • Business layout assessment
  • Transportation (w/in Las Vegas)
  • Panoramic photography
  • Tour-building
  • Publishing your Tour on Google.

Photography Pricing

I have a flat rate of $95/hr for any work performed.

Most jobs take 2 hours to shoot, and about 4 – 8 hrs to edit, however you are in charge of how many hours you want expended.  Generally speaking, the more editing, the higher the quality of the photos.


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